Female prison

Intake block

procedures                                                 The intake procedures

The procedures:

Intake Holding (Normal and high security)
The begining for a women's life in prison begins with her arrest. We search the accused woman's location and we send a prison wagon. When we finds her we apply handcuffs and legirons attached with a chain, directly after reading her arrest. We will not allow anything to pack she won't be able to take anything with her. In cuffs she is taken to the prison wagon that drives her to prison. After bringing in the inmate to prison she is taken over and transported to the intake area. Family is not allowed to witness the procedures. After bringing in the women she will first have to wait for their turn. Depending on the workload she will first be locked upp in an intake holding cage. This cage is only one square meter. She is still handcuffed and shackled. Intake cages

After this period , which is to be kept as short as possible she is taken out and brought to the stripsearch area. She is uncuffed and piece for piece she has to undress starting with her shoes and pants towards her underwear. All jewelry and watches must also be turned in. She is allowed to pack her clothes, jewels and watches in a personal locker. Naked she has to lie down on an examinationtable and she is examinated by a medic for healthcondition as well as contrabands. The latter includes an internal oral, vaginal and anal check. Still naked she is taken to the mugshot area where mugshots are taken for filing. At the same time she is explained the prisonrules , the reason of her stay in prison , the function of the intake and a prospect onto her trial. At this stage The judge checks also the prosecutors statement and a first check of evidence and according to this he makes a descission if the girl or women is kept in high- or normal secure intake holding. This procedure normally takes about 15 minutes in which the inmate has to stand naked in front of the camera. After this she is measured in length, waist, weight and cupsize. Nude she is handcuffed on her back and taken towards the steel cage again and locked up for about one hour. In this time her well sized dedicated prison uniform is chosen whereafter her prisonnumber is sticked on her waist and breastpockets and inside the neck. As the greyblue uniform is finished she is taken out her cage and forced to shower. Her handcuffs will remain in place during the the shower in the showercell.

When she is finsihed she can start dressing again.

She needs to dress in prison garments. She is supplied disposable paper underwear. The paper bra is sticked with some elastan to make it elastic a bit and her paper brief is standard supplied with some absorbtion and a watertight layer to allow her to wear the pantie during her period as well. This disposable underwear is changed every third day. After the inmate did put on her underwear she has to dress in her grey jumpsuit. Likewise the prisonsuit, watches and jewels are prohibited. Thereafter she is handcuffed on her back and taken to one of the intake holding cells.

The intake holdingcell is equipped with a bunk and a toilet only. The inmate has to enter her cell handcuffed behind her back. Only after the solid door has been closed the handcuffgate will open to allow the guards to remove her handcuffs. As from now the inmate is free of chains for her stay inside. The stay depends on when the trial is presumed to start but usually this will be in between two and 5 days. During her stay she is allowed half an hour refreshment in open air , one shower a day and also two meals each day. This holds until her sentence in trial whereafter she will be transported towards the punishment wing.

Differences in High Security Holding
Prisoners who risks a sentence over 5 years (Long term prisoner) are regarded as dangerous and are therefore put in a high security cell. The high security holdingcell is extra equipped with two security cameras, Double doors. One bardoor and one solid door. After the inmate is inside ,the bardoor is closed first prior to the solid door. During her stay inside the inmate looks to the bar door and the solid door. Chains and shackles are connected to the cellwall. During her stay inside the inmate remains handcuffed and legironed. The legirons are connected to the chain in her cell. Althought the cuffs and chains restrict her in her movements she has just enough free movements to go to toilet and go to bed herself. As the women taken into high security holding are arrested for serious crimes it takes more time to prepare for the trial. High security inmates can thus be hold in this intake area for up to 15 days. After the trial an even more severe punishment is waiting in most cases. According to the law can an arrested women stay one year in holding cell before a trial must be started