Female prison

Solitary cell

Solitary confinement solitary confinement cell

The solitary confinment. Evil criminals deserves to be punished hard. Solitary confinement is a very good method to punish hard criminals with not much required work. The solitary confinment cell is a small concreate closet. Just large enough to allow the inmate to lay down. The cell is locked with a heavy steel door with dual locks. The cell contains no furniture, only a hard and cold concreate floor and boring grey concreate walls. To add the clastrophic feeling the inmate is not allowed any clothes at all. Only a pair of diapers that is changed rarely. The inmate is also chained in hinged handcuffs (behind back) and ankle cuffs. The ankle cuffs is also attached to a chain mounted on the wall. The inmate is now contained in a small cell wearing no clothes and heavily restrained. But this is not all. To add more torment the inmate is forced to stand up in the cell for 18 hours a day. Only 6 hours during nighttime she is allowed to lay on the floor. Being forced to stand up for 18 hours a day makes the body wery sore and tired and even when laying on floor it's uncomfortable. If an inmate is found laying on the floor when she is not allowed she is punished severly (Elektro shocks and even somtimes extended prison tim).

The inmate is only allowed to leave the cell on very few occasions and when doing it she will be heavily chained and shackeled. Even though this cell might quite hard to be contained in. We wouldn't recommend the inmates to break any of the prison rules. Girls placed in regular prison cells may be punished with solitary confinement when disbehaving and girls in solitary can be placed in punishment cells when disbehaving. And trust us eventhough solitary confinement is hard a week in a punishment cell would be MUCH MUCH harder.

Cell dimensions: 3' width x 6" length (0.9m x 1.8m)
Furniture: None
Bedding: None, only a hard concreate floor to sleep on
Optional Items: None
Additional Items: Steel chain 195 cm (put on legirons)
A solitary confinement prisoner wearing the compulsory handcuffs, anklecuffs. The anklecuffs is chained to the wall to limit movement

Inmates are locked up in these cells have been issued with
  • Legiron
  • Hinged handcuffs (cuffed behind back)
  • Diaper (Changed every forth day)
  • Optional: Restraints, Black iron collar (3kg)
Inmates are locked up for
  • 23 hours/day - Once every third month
  • 24 hours/day - All other time
Rules and regulations
  • The solitary inmate wears anklecuffs and handcuffs (behind back) 24/7.
  • While in cell the inmate's legirons are chained to the wall
  • The prisoner musr remain STANDING in the cell for 18 hours a day
  • The prisoner is only allowed to sit or lay on the floor for 6 hours during nighttime
  • If an inmate is found laying on the floor during daytime she will recive an increasing punishment for everytime she breaks the rule
  • A 3kg iron collar may be applied on the inmate
  • After standing up for 14 hours the inmate is often in total agony. The agony only increases when knowing that it is only four ours left until she is allowed to lay down on the hard concreate floor.
  • Thumbcuffs may be applied on inmate
  • One meal per day served (large portion of porrige)
  • No talking allowed
  • The cell lamps are lit 24/7
  • Other punishments and restraints may be added