Female prison

Life sentence cell

Life sentence cell Regular prison cell

Cell dimensions: 5' width x 6'7" length (1.5m x 2.0m)
Furniture: Bunk - wall-mounted, stainless steel, 27" x 75" (0.67m x 1.90m)
Bedding: None
Optional Items: None
Additional Items: Steel chain 195 cm (put on legirons)
A lifer leaves her cell for one hours air time

Inmates are locked up in these cells have been issued with
  • One piece jumpsuit, Gray
  • Panties, prison issue, cotton blue
  • Legiron
  • Hinged handcuffs (cuffed in front)
  • Diaper (Changed every third day)
  • Optional: Restraints, Black iron collar
Inmates are locked up for
  • 23 hours/day - Once a month
  • 24 hours/day - All other time
Rules and regulations
  • The lifer wears anklecuffs and handcuffs 24/7.
  • While in cell the inmate's legirons are chained to the wall
  • The prisoner is only allowed to sit on the bunk under nighttime
  • A 2kg iron collar may be applied on the inmate
  • The collar is made of 2kg iron it puts a lot of weight on the inmate's neck and makes the neck very sore
  • Thumbcuffs may be applied on inmate
  • One meal per day served (large portion of porrige)
  • No talking allowed
  • The cell lamps are lit 24/7
  • Other punishments and restraints may be added